Industries and disciplines

Technical Engineers | Software Engineers | Available Engineers | 7ocean

Highly skilled specialists for several industries and all related disciplines.

Technical Engineers | Software Engineers | Available Engineers | 7ocean

Our main industries of competency:

  • Maritime, Wind farming, Shipbuilding
  • Aquaculture, Fish farming
  • Oil & Gas, Subsea, Offshore/Onshore
  • Construction, Architecture
  • Software, Data engineering
  • Subcontractors
  • Other

From a extensive database and vast international network, we have staff available from a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Manager, CEO, CFO, CTO, COO
  • 2D Designing, 3D Modelling, hand sketches
  • Project and production manager
  • Analysis
  • Classification society representative
  • Ship hull architect
  • Electrical - Automation - Instrumentation
  • Steel & Structure
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic designer
  • Material specialist
  • Processing and P&ID
  • Piping, HVAC, ventilation and cooling
  • Energy, fossil fuel, battery, fuel cell
  • Commissioning staff
  • Protective, coating
  • Supervisor, service engineer
  • Quality Assurance, document control
  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Sales, support
  • Weight and stability
  • Accommodation, outfitting, interior
  • Engines, propulsion, turbines, gear
  • CNC operator
  • Purchasing, logistic, coordinators
  • Welding, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Software development
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Marine Biochemistry
  • And more

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Mareno K. Nakken
Group CEO / Sales & Recruitment
7ocean AS
Mareno K. Nakken
Ronny Eidsvik
Head of Sales
7ocean People AS
Ronny Eidsvik
Jorid Sunde
Head of Administration
7ocean People AS
Jorid Sunde