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Welcome to 7ocean – the optimal solution for your staffing and recruiting needs. Are you a designer, parts supplier, shipowner, owner of a shipyard or other business? Whether your company is in the maritime, aquaculture, oil & gas, construction, IT or other industry, by using our staffing and recruiting services you will find the most qualified professionals in more than 50 different disciplines for your company.

Improve your human resource management by finding technical experts such as engineers for consultancy or hire through 7ocean.

Why is human resource management important? Strategic handling of HR operations will save your company precious time and money along with improving the quality of your services. How? 7ocean’s quality staffing and recruitment frees up time for you to focus on your company’s field of expertise. Also, by utilizing our staffing expertise and broad network of professionals you will find the right person or team to do the job. That means less stress for you and a better result for your clients.

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Industries and disciplines

Highly skilled specialists for several industries and all related disciplines.


We provide highly skilled engineers and technical specialists for consultancy work and project engagement.


Almost every organization needs qualified engineers, technical specialists who are professionals for specific projects. We have a detailed recruitment process in place to connect your company with exactly the person you need.

engineering teams

We provide qualified teams of engineers for completion of engineering packages or predefined scope of work within the discipline electrical, mechanical and structure.

On site Supervisors and project managers

We offer on site resources for ship owners, ship designers, ship yards and other customers as representatives, controlling that the work is being carried out by contractors and suppliers.

Course and Competence

We offer special courses for engineers and other professionals, theme for our courses is typically vessel systems, engineering methods and engineering tools.

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