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7ocean is responsible for your personal information that is registered and processed in connection with contact and employment.

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Our Privacy policy

We are committed to handling your personal data in a safe and secure manner. We must make certain decisions about how and why your personal data must be processed to collect and use information about you for staff administrative purposes, and in order to properly perform our labor law obligations and rights.

This Privacy Policy applies to our job candidates, our employees we place on assignment with one of our clients, and representatives of our clients and vendors.

The Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how we use the information, with whom we share it, and your rights of our use of the information.  

We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of the information and how you can contact us.

How do we use the information we collect?  

We collect personal information about you in various ways. You can be a job candidate, that voluntary apply for a position and create an account. Through mail or our web (

To create a profile and be in position to be rated as a candidate, to be invited to an interview, you need to give us information such as:

  • name, postal address, email address and telephone number
  • employment and education history
  • language proficiencies and other work-related skills
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • citizenship and work authorization status
  • information provided by references
  • information contained in your resume
  • information you provide regarding your career interests and other information about your qualifications for employment.

You can at any time update this information at your profile, and you decide what kind of information you want to share with us.

To provide you with job opportunities and to develop your career, we need to use your CV to promote you to our clients.  It can be necessary to ask about more information to fulfill the presentation to the client.  

We use an anonymous presentation of your CV to promote you to clients.

We will send promotional materials, news regarding available positions and other interesting information to you. To contact you we need to communicate with you via mail, phone or others necessary sosial media.  


We will only email you if you agree. You can choose to reserve yourself to additional marketing by clicking «unsubscribe» in the email.
Link to Make SoftWare (Norwegian): Make Policy & Make Cookies

Recruitment process

During the interview we will ask several questions. To determine if you are the person who matches available positions, we will save your resume and documents for the rest of the employment relationship, as well as statements from references and internal assessments.

If you ask us for assistance in obtaining a work permit and visa applications, the necessary personal data and passport details are disclosed to the embassy of the country in question.


When you are employed by us we will collect personal information about you which are necessary for us as an employer and we are permitted by law. We save all information with respect and to protect your privacy

We save information such as:

  • appointment date, position, job description
  • bank account information
  • tax-related information
  • References from employee interviews and other evaluation
  • Salary development and information related to your career development

We save your account number and social security number for payment of salary, and your social security number for insurance and pension. We also save some information for accounting purposes, typically used for payroll related information.

Your registered hours, which are basis for salary and others expenses related to work, may be collected.

We collect personal data in connection with leave and termination of employment. We save health information in connection with absence due to illness, sick leave and sick leave follow-up. To registrate sick days due to a sick child, we need information about the age of your child/children.

In addition, we may collect information you provide to us about other individuals, such as information related to emergency contacts (name, postal address, email and phone).

Your personal information is our basis  to verify your identity and your background. It can be necessary to collect process complaints, alerts and warnings.

We need to document that we have fulfilled obligations by law and agreement after they are fulfilled. We also need documentation for personnel management for future human resource management.

Former employee

After ended employment, 7ocean People may need to document employment conditions. This may include documentation that we as an employer have fulfilled our obligations under legislation or the employment contract. Information about the employee's employment, duration of employment, work/CV and other related documents can be saved longer. The information will not be disclosed to others unless you are aware of this, for example in connection with the assessment of employment with a new customer.

Who will see your personal data?

We use data processing companies that assist us with different processes in 7ocean People. Supplier such as:

  • suppliers operating IT systems
  • suppliers who assist with payroll/accounting
  • suppliers that assist in the operation of different core systems
  • suppliers that assists with security, such as access control systems

The company delivers employee lists to the provider of pension. For travel, your contact details will be shared with a travel agency. We share information about you with public authorities, police, supervisors or other government agencies if we believe we are legally bound or empowered to do so, or if it will be reasonable to do so. E.g. supervisory authorities such as the Tax Administration and NAV.

We share personal information with clients who may have job opportunities available, interest in placing our candidates, job placement consultants and subcontractors. We do not authorize these vendors to use or disclose the information, except when necessary to perform services on our behalf, or comply with legal requirements.

How long do we store your personal information?

We store your personal information as short as possible, and only for as long as we are required to keep it by law. Where special needs arises, e.g. complaints or claims directed against us or by us, we store the information as long as needed.

Name, CV, reference letter and others work related skills

As long as you are a job applicant and are willing to be promoted to our customers. As long as you are a current contact for clients and vendors.

Personal information

We keep your social security number, bank account number and all information that is easily communicated to you as an employee, and the information we as an employer is required to keep, until you end  your employment with 7ocean People, or as long as we are required by law.

Your rights

If your personal information is incorrect, you have the right to have them corrected.

Personal data we do not have a basis for processing should be deleted. You may require this if we have not taken care of it on our own initiative. To update your preferences, ask us to remove your information from our mailing lists, exercise your rights or submit a request, please contact us. To the extent provided by the law of your jurisdiction, you may request access to the personal information we maintain about you or request that we correct, amend, delete or block the information.
You may request that we limit the use of your information. You are entitled to so-called data portability, and to request that your personal information be transferred to you or to another business.

If you believe that we process your personal information without a legal basis, you may also appeal to the Data Inspectorate, but we ask you to contact us first so that we can decide on your objections and that we can resolve any misunderstandings.

The privacy policy has extensive provisions and there may be exceptions from certain rights. If you wish to make use of the rights, please contact us and we will answer your inquiry as soon as possible and usually within 30 days.

You are responsible for keeping your own login details. These login details are for your personal use. You should not share your login details or any other account information with anyone else.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, would like to exercise your rights or would like us to update information we have about you or your preferences, please contact us:

Phone: +47 701 46 000
Address: Langelandsvegen 51, 6010 Ålesund, Norway

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to reflect changes in our personal information practices. For significant changes, we will notify you by posting a prominent notice on our sites.

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