We offer recruitment and employment services of engineers, project and technical oriented people for your organization. The goal is to find the best candidate(s) with the right attitude and qualifications for your position and permanent employment.

Please contact us for further information, we are happy to assist you!

Due to our solid database of pre-qualified engineers and technical people as well as widely international network of candidates, we have the best assumptions to present the right person for your position.

Typically prosess of the recruitment is: Mapping of positions and potential candidates. Advertising and search in the market, networks and databases. Weekly status updates against the client, the client will have full insight into the process upon request.

What we offer

We offer you price on recruitment based on a percentage rate of the candidate's annual salary. This is a model based on the candidate's competence, education and experience.
Typically post in the recruitment prosess are:

  • Requirements
  • Advertising
  • Search & Handling
  • Referance check
  • Interview
  • Presentation
  • Nomination
  • Employment

Product sheet

For further information please download our product sheet.

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