Steel, Hull & Structure Coordinator - Naval Engineer

Steel, Hull & Structure Coordinator - Naval Engineer available for staffing. Strong technical skills, good communication skills, good knowledge of Aveva Marine, AutoCad, Tribon

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1-2 weeks
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English & Romanian
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Key qualifications

I finished college of Naval Architecture,Galati, where I studied and worked at many projects for college and I used Autocad 2D, 3D and Tribon M3. Also, for my diploma project I used Autocad todesign a structural unit in 3D and then I create a block from the units I’ve made.

For the last thelast 6 years worked as engineer coordinator,design engineer, basic design engineer, where I have developed my skills.Although I have greatly enjoyed these roles, I am looking for a new challenge.I have enclosed my CV to support my application.

 Itshows that I will bring important skills to the position, including:

-motivation and dedication,

-strong technical skills, also computer skills,

- good communication skills.

- I am enthusiastic, professional and believe I would fit well into the company’s team culture.

- I have good knowledge of Aveva Marine, AutoCad, Tribon.

- I would very much enjoy having the opportunity to talk with you further to discuss the requirements and expectation of the position, and how I could use my skills to bring benefits to the company.

Most relevant experience

04.2019- present
Employer:                   VARD Brevik, Brevik (Norway) trough 7ocean A.S.
Title:                            Steeland Structure Engineer Coordinator
Customer/Project:      Yara Birkeland first zero emission Autonomous Container vessel;

08.2016- 03.2019
Employer:                   MVWWERFTEN, Wismar (Germany) trough Ensedo Company
Title:                            BasicDesign Engineer
Customer/Project:      Global1,Cruise vessels;

01.2016- 08.2016
Employer:                   Metal Zinc SRL, Tulcea (Romania)
Title:                            Proposal Design Engineer
Customer/Project:      Technical Support for local customers;

08.2015- 10.2015
Employer:                   Noryards FOSEN AS, Trondheim (Norway)
Title:                            Structural Design Engineer
Customer/Project:      Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel ;

05.2015- 08.2015
Employer:                   S.C. Naval Oil and Services SRL,Constanta (Romania)
Title:                            Hull Design Engineer
Customer/Project:      Cruise vessels for Fincantiery ;

04.2013- 03.2014
Employer:                   NordicYards ,Wismar (Germany) trough Progressive GE
Title:                            Hull Design Engineer
Customer/Project:      Dolwin Gamma3;

04.2013- 03.2014
Employer:                   Vard, Tulcea(Romania)
Title:                            Hull Design Engineer
Customer/Project:      Offshore vessels,PSV;

08.2012- 03.2013
Employer:                   STX OSV Tulcea
Title:                           Engineer Coordinator of the Hull Subcontractors
Customer/Project:     Farstad, Solstad, Offshore vessels,


Title:                           Naval Engineer
Details of study:        Naval Architecture and Engineering
Degree:                      Bachelor Degree                                  


AutoCad, AvevaMarine, Tribon M3, Microsoft Word, Excel,Power Point,

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